Monday, April 19, 2010

Post-Summer Komikon 2010 Report...

One of the best Komikons i've had the pleasure of attending! It had lots of komiks, lots of creators, lots of sweaty people & best of all cos-players we're virtually non-existent (saw only a couple i think).

Got so many stuff that my girl had to calm me down. Needed to stay on budget. hehehe...No pics of the event or the stuff i got sadly. But i'll list them down:

- Omeng Estanistlao's Love Story (loved this!) & some of his older works.
- Macoy's School Run - DVD Copy (thoroughly enjoyed this! Macoy gets better & better with each book).
- Micheal David's Kubori Kikiam 7 (absurd & funny), got a sketch too.
- Josel Nicola's El Bimbo Adaptations (haven't read it yet, but the art looks really good)
- Apol Sta.Maria's Alamat ng Panget (again, haven't read it yet).
- Ang Astiging Boy Ipis shirt (rock & roll!).
- Also got my Renaissance book signed some more (yey! Leinil Yu!).

Still haven't sorted out the other stuff. Such an amazing & inspiring day. Makes me wanna draw more.

Oh before calling it a day, my girl & i got some fruit shakes, peanuts & mushroom burgers.

Hopefully next time i'll have some pics. OK back to the strip...
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