Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Komix!

For a screen printed zine project thing... Had to park my orginal comic for the project since it exceeded the new page count.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Better Living Through Xeroxography is tomorrow! None of the stuff that I planned to release this year got done... No Baro Investigations. No ???#3. No story for QBCCC#3. No Dinoborg. I was only able to finish 10 pages of Attack Bear#1 (see poster thing above). Even the initial plan for the screen printed zine got changed, so I'm shelving the Sting/Johnny Cash song cover comic for the meantime.

Anyway, I'll still be at BLTX tomorrow... Selling reprints of ???#1 (with new-ish contents) & #2.

???#1 & ???#2
Here are some previous of stuff to come next year...

  • Some pages for ???#3

  • Some pages from Attack Bear#1

See you tomorrow!