Thursday, August 19, 2010

Metro Comic Con 2010

KOMIKS!!! * looks inside wallet... :( *

Will be at MCC this Saturday only, along with Mervin (production dude for The QBCCC, 1st issue cover artist & creator of the aswang epic-to-be "Tabi Po"). we will be giving away FREE QBCCC stickers to those people who will ask for one. hehehe... just say "hi!" & introduce yourself :D

we only have a few of these (due to budgetary constraints), so we can only give one sticker per person. here it is...

Only the actual sticker is PINK!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Cover for the 1st issue of The QBCCC...

by the amazingly talented Mervin Malonzo (check out his web comic "Tabi Po")

And the very, very cool logo. which i so love! this was just wonderfully done (by Mervs as well)...

So yeah, this simple idea which started on a message board is now real. yey!

Join us!

P.S.: 2 pages of my contribution for this is done. just need to get it approved by my co-editor.