Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Origin of the Yeti Crab

Almost done with my 7-page komix contribution to a screen-printed komix anthology out first quarter of this year. The short komik is about the origin of the Yeti Crab. A character I created after seeing a picture of an actual yeti crab (MOST AWESOME CRUSTACEAN EVER!). Originally planned to just do 3 to 4 panel strips with YC & use them as fillers for my auto-bio comix, ???. The first story that I proposed for the anthology got dropped since the page count was cut down. Thankfully, the curator of the anthology suggested a YC story. Brilliant idea, the problem was I didn't have any long YC stories planned out. So how was I able to conjure up this story / long term plans for YC? By listening to the old The Shadow radio show (voiced by Orson Welles!). I love the pulps, The Phantom, Doc Savage, Conan. Enigmatic heroes, crazy stereotypical villains, world spanning high adventure, weird science. Add some Tintin by HergĂ©, some superhero styled origin and my fascination with cryptids. This is what you get...

Sorry, no dialogue / narration yet. I have 1 more page to ink then finish off the lettering. Hope you get the komix when it comes out.

P.S. - Don't know the title of the anthology yet but it'll feature local komix peeps such as... Josel Nicolas, Dark Chaps (of SSM!), Trizha Ko, Mica Agregado & some other guys, i think.