Thursday, April 29, 2010


Outside the house. Looking up.

Tingala by ~djlegaspi on deviantART

I was high on Pentel fumes after doing this one :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doing a Komik Strip: Part 4 (Finaly! Yey!)

Based on true events...

Sunog by ~djlegaspi on deviantART

Took a long time to be posted (need to get my own scanner). Very much enjoyed doing this. My handwriting sucks & i need a better pen. Special thanks to my sweetie pie for lettering the fire alarm SFX (♥).

Looking forward to doing more strips. Yey!

Read previous parts 1, 2 & 3!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Have at Thee!

After rediscovering my love for drawing, i wanted a challenge. Something that i have never done before. So i went to the nearest National Bookstore, looked around for some art materials. Decided on trying my hand at painting. Thought about what kind of paint to use. Looked around some more, decided on oil. Looked around SOME MORE, got some cheap oil paints, a preped canvas & brushes and started painting. After wasting a lot of paint, this is what came out...

Thor: Have at Thee by ~djlegaspi on deviantART

Why Thor? Saw him in a card while playing "tex" with my friends when i was 8 years old. He was the first superhero that looked cool to me (take that Batman!). The old costume is still a classic. I love Jack Kirby!

For more painted stuff click here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doing a Komik Strip: Part 3 (Progress!)


Finally have a story for the strip. I'm gonna start this thing by tell some stuff about my experiences (whatever that maybe, interesting or not). Thanks to John Porcellino's KING-CAT CLASSIX (which i got for 99 bucks in National Bookstore) for the inspiration.

So yeah, i got my idea. Now i got to put it on paper. What do i need?

Spongebob pencil, eraser & some scratch paper (recycle!!!).

Breaking it down.

There will still probably be some changes done, but at least i accomplished something. Woohoo!

To be continued...

On to Part 4

Monday, April 19, 2010

Post-Summer Komikon 2010 Report...

One of the best Komikons i've had the pleasure of attending! It had lots of komiks, lots of creators, lots of sweaty people & best of all cos-players we're virtually non-existent (saw only a couple i think).

Got so many stuff that my girl had to calm me down. Needed to stay on budget. hehehe...No pics of the event or the stuff i got sadly. But i'll list them down:

- Omeng Estanistlao's Love Story (loved this!) & some of his older works.
- Macoy's School Run - DVD Copy (thoroughly enjoyed this! Macoy gets better & better with each book).
- Micheal David's Kubori Kikiam 7 (absurd & funny), got a sketch too.
- Josel Nicola's El Bimbo Adaptations (haven't read it yet, but the art looks really good)
- Apol Sta.Maria's Alamat ng Panget (again, haven't read it yet).
- Ang Astiging Boy Ipis shirt (rock & roll!).
- Also got my Renaissance book signed some more (yey! Leinil Yu!).

Still haven't sorted out the other stuff. Such an amazing & inspiring day. Makes me wanna draw more.

Oh before calling it a day, my girl & i got some fruit shakes, peanuts & mushroom burgers.

Hopefully next time i'll have some pics. OK back to the strip...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Doing a Komik Strip: Part 2 (What now...?)

"To be a person is to have a story to tell." —Isak Dinesen

So why can't i think of a story? Am i real person? Saying you'll do a komik strip is one thing. Actually doing it, is a huge pain. Been mulling about what story to tell for the past few days. Super heroes? Monsters? Ninjas? Vikings? Fish? Toe nails? Rene Requiestas?

Need to set a goal. This weekend i will put pencil to paper & actually have something resembling progress to post.

Come on brain! Work! It's only a komik strip... be continued in part 3.

Back to part 1.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Doing a Komik Strip: Part 1 (The Genesis & The Revelation)

Welcome to another rehash of this blog!

What is this about now? Me trying to be "creative" (haha!) & finding a direction for this thing.

So lets start with a cheesy back story (queue violins!)...

I've loved comics since i was 7 years old and because of comics i started drawing. I still read comics but pretty much forgot about drawing. I didn't know anything about the local komiks scene (but i did read my classmates copy of Combatron...hehehe) or our country's komiks / comics heritage (still don't know much about it now, but i'm researching). Then last year i saw a poster for Komikon & decided to check it out. It was a revelation, interacting with local artists who are big name international players like Gerry Alanguilan & Carlo Pagulayan. To big name local guys like Kajo Baldisimo & Budgette Tan. As well as, meeting indie guys like Macoy & Gio Paredes (just to name a few). Seeing all the things these guys were doing with komiks was just mind blowing. Then i started reading the stuff i got, from the photocopied self-published stuff to the card-stock-covered-publisher-backed stuff. My mind was blown some more. I fell in love with the komiks scene & not just that, it inspired me to start drawing again (even painting, which i have never done before).

And now (after procrastinating for soooo loooong...) i'm gonna expand my love for komiks / comics & actually do my own. Hence, the title of this post & the start of this (dumb?) experiment. I'll just start with one strip, then MAYBE do more & MAYBE self-publish it (*rolling eyes*...yeah right). So i'll try to document my progress (or maybe the lack of it) here & post some of the other stuff i do. I am not a learned professional artist (i'm not even good at drawing) & i won't be doing some high concept / high art stuff (i don't even know how to categorize art). I'll just do what i can do with what i have & hopefully it won't be completely bad.

OK. That's enough for part 1.

Part 2 up!