Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Post-Summer Komikon 2011 Post...

First off! congrats to the Komikon guys for the swanky new digs they provided.

ok... the QBCCC table. we sold most of our stuff. yey!

the very cute QB peeps. from left to right, Josel Nicolas, Jim Faustino (yey! Jim is a real person!), some hairy dude with a red bag & AJ Bernardo.

got a 100 peso sketch (for a cause) of The Thing (in the new FF costume) from Harvey Talibao.

sold 8 copies of ???#1. thank you 8 persons who bought ??? & QBCCC Vol.1 as well! only got a few komiks. will review them soon. fun Komikon! yey! that is all.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Summer Komikon 2011

No QB Volume 2 sadly, but the QB crew will be there. i will be bringing copies of ???#1 as well. if anybody's interested...

there will also be other stuff on the QB table. so please drop by & check them out. check everything out at the 'Kon. Komiks!

click here for more Komikon stuff...