Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Doing a Komik Strip: Part 1 (The Genesis & The Revelation)

Welcome to another rehash of this blog!

What is this about now? Me trying to be "creative" (haha!) & finding a direction for this thing.

So lets start with a cheesy back story (queue violins!)...

I've loved comics since i was 7 years old and because of comics i started drawing. I still read comics but pretty much forgot about drawing. I didn't know anything about the local komiks scene (but i did read my classmates copy of Combatron...hehehe) or our country's komiks / comics heritage (still don't know much about it now, but i'm researching). Then last year i saw a poster for Komikon & decided to check it out. It was a revelation, interacting with local artists who are big name international players like Gerry Alanguilan & Carlo Pagulayan. To big name local guys like Kajo Baldisimo & Budgette Tan. As well as, meeting indie guys like Macoy & Gio Paredes (just to name a few). Seeing all the things these guys were doing with komiks was just mind blowing. Then i started reading the stuff i got, from the photocopied self-published stuff to the card-stock-covered-publisher-backed stuff. My mind was blown some more. I fell in love with the komiks scene & not just that, it inspired me to start drawing again (even painting, which i have never done before).

And now (after procrastinating for soooo loooong...) i'm gonna expand my love for komiks / comics & actually do my own. Hence, the title of this post & the start of this (dumb?) experiment. I'll just start with one strip, then MAYBE do more & MAYBE self-publish it (*rolling eyes*...yeah right). So i'll try to document my progress (or maybe the lack of it) here & post some of the other stuff i do. I am not a learned professional artist (i'm not even good at drawing) & i won't be doing some high concept / high art stuff (i don't even know how to categorize art). I'll just do what i can do with what i have & hopefully it won't be completely bad.

OK. That's enough for part 1.

Part 2 up!
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