Thursday, September 23, 2010


The Kurosawa Fest was awesome! it's still ongoing, so for those who missed it. you owe it to yourself to watch at least one of Kurosawa-san's movies.

On to the preview (of sorts), haven't been posting any drawings lately. just so i can post something here is a 1 panel preview of the 8-page story i'm working on (for 5 months! ugh...) for The QBCCC (out hopefully this November).

Singil is a Filipino word that means "price quoted, charge or collection of payment of debt". a crime story. first comic story to be published, so yes very excited :)

Hope my co-editor won't kick my butt for posting this without asking his permission...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Post-MCC Update

Metro Comic Con has come & gone. it was fun (way better than last year). got to buy some komiks. got an original piece of drawing. got to meet one off the QBCCC staff in person (say hi Mervin!). but it wasn't all just getting, gave away some QBCCC stickers & my Maskot fanart to Macoy.

Random komik reviews from MCC:
- School Run#2 - this was awesome as expected. the only complaint i have with this komik, is it was too darn short!
- Trese: Cadena de Amor (or something like that) - more fun adventures with Trese.
- Dra. Yap - had a great hook. execution was really not great. still fun read tho.
- Songs of the Lewenri - very Gaiman-esqe story. love the art.
- Bathala - great art. story didn't really click with me.
- Anak ng Tumang Itim 2 - short but sweet. great production quality.
- SSM 5.55 - free komik! thanks Chapel! crazy fun stuff.
- there are some other books i'm forgetting, anyway...

Been busy...
- with work, first and foremost. it has been taking up most of my life...
- intervening extra curricular activities :)
- doing the editor thing for The QBCCC. which is tiring & frustrating & fulfilling & fun & sad all at the same time.

Need to draw. double time. only have 2 months till the next Komikon.